S7-PLCSIM template projects

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Communication between Factory I/O S7-PLCSIM only works with a specific set of settings and a custom function.

Using Template Projects

We provide ready to use project templates at the S7-PLCSIM section of the manual.

You can also refer to a step-by-step guide on how to connect Factory I/O to S7-PLCSIM.

Creating a project from scratch

In case you need to create a new project from scratch the required settings are:

  • Add the communication FB from one of our template projects. Make sure it runs.

  • Set a minimum cycle time.

  • Make sure input addresses that will be used by Factory I/O are not assigned to any I/O module. Either by changing the IO addresses of the module:

    Or by setting the module PI to none:

    You should do this for every input module of the PLC, either digital or analog.

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