Migrating from old cloud license files

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Starting at Factory I/O v2.4.0 cloud license files are deprecated. We have migrated your cloud licenses to the new platform and they are ready for you to use. This is what you need to do:

  • Sign in at factoryio.com
  • Click on the Avatar icon and next on My account
  • Click on the Licenses tab.
  • Select the serial key you want to use and take note of the Share Code.
  • Update your copy of Factory I/O to v2.4.x on all client computers.

You have two ways of using a share code:

  1. Entering it in Factory I/O (File > Options > Licensing > Activate). The share code will be saved in your Windows account and used every time you start Factory I/O. Other Windows accounts won’t have access to this share code.
  2. Configure Factory I/O to use a Share Code at startup by including license.share_code = "XXX-XXX-XXX" in a file named auto.cfg and placing this file in ProgramData\Real Games\Factory IO. This will allow all Windows accounts to use this share code.

Learn more about share codes and how licenses work in the documentation.

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