Do I need to have a PLC to use Factory I/O?

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No, you can use a PLC simulator instead to control Factory I/O.

  • Factory I/O Starter Edition includes its own PLC simulator: Control I/O. The main goal of Control I/O is to provide a brand independent tool, easy enough to be learned by anyone starting in the world of automation. With Control I/O you develop programs with function block diagrams using the most common functions available on real PLC. Learn more about Control I/O here.
  • Factory I/O Siemens Edition and PLCSIM, which is included in Siemens S7-PLCSIM (TIA Portal). You can download a trial version of TIA Portal by following this link:
  • Factory I/O MHJ Edition offers a completely integrated PLC training solution for users looking for a low-cost alternative to official Siemens software. MHJ Edition allows you to do ladder logic drawings. WinSPS-S7 or WinPLC-Engine sold separately.
  • Factory I/O Modbus & OPC Edition allows you to integrate Factory I/O with a wide range of technologies using Modbus TCP/IP and OPC Client Data Access. As an example, we have a tutorial showing how to use CodeSys SoftPLC to control a Factory I/O scene here. Also, you will find a tutorial on how to use Unity Pro Soft PLC through Modbus TCP/IP to control the Sorting by Height (Advanced) scene here.

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