Customize Factory I/O at startup (configuration files)

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Factory I/O saves settings in two different ways:

  • Scene save files (.factoryio)
  • Configuration files (.cfg)

Scene save files hold: camera positions; objects in the scene, its operating modes and tags; the driver currently in use; I/O Points for each driver (offsets, counts, mapping to tags).

Configuration files hold all other information, such as input-mapping, video and audio options, etc. They also save the properties of the driver configuration (auto-connect, host address, port, model, etc).
The contents of the configuration files can be changed with a text editor and are the same as console commands. For every setting you can change through the console, you can also set it by putting it into a configuration file.

At startup, Factory I/O reads configuration files in the following order:

  • 'config.cfg' under '%localappdata%\Real Games\Factory IO': written by Factory I/O when shutting down to make its current settings persistent.
  • 'auto.cfg' under the installation directory: used to set configuration settings for all users (global).
  • 'auto.cfg' in 'C:\ProgramData\Real Games\Factory IO': also used for global settings.
  • 'auto.cfg' under 'Documents\Factory IO': each user can create and edit this file to override the global configuration.

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